photo by Berkley Vopnfjord

photo by Berkley Vopnfjord

I have always painted, and I do so to fulfill an innate need to create.

Lauren Mycroft is a Canadian painter who’s abstract works references organic shapes using complex layers and staining.

Using a contemporary palette and methodical layering technique, Mycroft creates process-driven artwork that feels both fresh and familiar. The compositions are created freely and intuitively, learned through years of practice and formal art training. Mycroft cites Helen Frankenthaler as a major influence, as well as other colour field painters of the mid twentieth century. Mycroft’s varied palette dictates her intended tone of each painting, in an effort to elicit a personal response from the viewer based on their own experiences.

Mycroft studied at Vancouver Island University and Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and now exhibits regularly on the Canadian West Coast.

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